Measuring your Lightning

Need replacement parts, but you’re not certain what size Lightning you have? Here’s how to figure it out.

Lightning bike measurements
Measure from the middle of the clamp (A) at the top to the bottom of the steerer tube (B).
Crank tube
Measure from the headtube (C) to the end of the foretube where the boom is inserted (D).
Seat frame
Measure from the top of the seat (E) to the bottom of the seat’s cross bar (F).
Lightning bicycle size chart
Size Stem (A-B) Crank tube (C-D) Seat frame (E-F)
Small 16″ 7″ 26¾″
Medium 18″ 8″ 28½″
Large 19¼″ 9″ 31″
X-Large 20½″ 10″ 33″
XX-Large 21¼″ n/a n/a
Lightning P-38 frame sizes