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Bob Fourney

October 31, 2016

You couldn’t script this: RAAM passed through Roswell, New Mexico. I was on a solo run with the incredible flying saucer Lightning R84/F40 HPV when the crew noticed the U.F.O. Research Center and we had to stop for the picture.


October 25, 2016

So I had a look at what is on the F-40. I am spinning out a 58 × 11, but according to the gear inch chart at 130 rpm that’s 50 mph, so that is about right. Not sure I can spin much faster than 130 and generally I like to keep my top speed around 50.


October 19, 2016:

Really I need all of my bikes! On road, off road, downhill, scooter, and crazy speed HPV. Titanium, carbon, or steel. Sometimes I have a tough decision like today perfect conditions trails are open not too hot out not too cold.


August 8, 2016:

Team Lightning, 1989.

“Fastest all time RAAM team: My Facebook friends Pete Penseyres, Michael Coles, everybody’s hero Vietnam Veteran Jim Penseyres and myself almost 30 years ago.

“Pete pointed out an 8-man team had a higher average speed but our ’89 crossing is still the lowest overall time. Oh, the days of the interstate RAAM.

Max speed? Like fishing stories it goes up as time goes on. I believe I had the honors at 72+ but at that speed who’s looking at the computer? More impressive was time station data averaging over 45 mph at times and doing 3 hour centuries in Kansas. We had the greatest crew ever put together.

Source: Facebook

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Bob at RAAM 1998.

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Bob Fourney at Paris-Brest-Paris 1999
Bob Fourney at Paris-Brest-Paris, 1999.

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