Accessories: Tilt steering

Lock-down tilt steering now standard on all Phantom bikes!

The perfect solution for easier entry and exit, or if you want to change the handlebar reach during rides.

During quick stops, the folding stems used on other recumbent brands can fly forward, possibly resulting in a loss of control. For much safer riding, the exclusive Lightning Lock Down stem locks solidly in place, preventing any movement during riding.

A custom oversized quick release lever is employed to easily engage and disengage the toothed locking mechanism. Six positions are available, from 20 degrees forward to 20 degrees rearward.

Also, when unlocked, the stem can be tilted 90 degrees forward or rearward. This feature allows for easy storage or transportation in limited spaces, especially when the seat is removed.

The locking pivot portion of the stem is a separate piece, and can be easily retrofitted to any Lightning built after 1996. Because this portion adds about 3 inches to the stem height, a shorter upper stem might be needed to prevent excessive handlebar height.

The photos show a close-up of the locking pivot portion. The lower part inserts into the fork steerer, while the existing upper stem slides over the top part.

Adds 0.5 pounds.