Lightning riders

Roland Stück’s R-84 / F-90

May I introduce my Porsche? Here we are: In 2015 I bought the R-84 from a guy of Vienna. He rode it only 2,000 km and the owner before about the same, so I am the third owner of a practically unused carbon Lightning from the penultimate generation. The machine is now approximately 15 year old.

One of the reasons I bought it: It came with a F-40 nose with a cool paint job. Inside the nose is a shelf that holds electric stuff. The tail section was built by a model maker from Graz and has the same paint job as the nose. The yellow fabric in the middle fits nicely between the original nose and over the tail, and blocks the elements quite well. If it’s too hot I can pull it of and ride cabrio. Inside the back there is room for some luggage.

The suspended front has a hydraulic Deore disc brake. In the last two years I attached fenders and chain tubes, installed a new rear brake (a hydraulic Magura urban) and a new front wheel (Toxy light-w8) with a SON hub. So I’m able to run a 100 lux BUMM (Busch & Müller) IQ-X in the front, and a rear light with brake function (BUMM Toplight Line Brake Plus). In the front I use a Schwalbe Marathon racer 40mm and in the rear a 26mm Conti GP 4seasons. Crank is FSA Vega 155mm with 29/48 teeth and the cassette is XT 11-34 9-speed.

The absolute highlight this year was the installation of a pair of front and rear blinkers. These LED stripes run on 8 Volts and were a 40th birthday present from my wife’s relatives. They rise my security in traffic to the next level.

All together now I am absolutely happy with the package. I use the bike for almost everyday fast commute, except in snow. The owner of our new office building was so impressed that he offered me extra parking space! When I ride alone it’s the perfect transportation and comfortably fast. A serious car substitution.

Roland Stück
Mertesheim, Germany (Rhineland Palatinate, where good wine grows)
December 2017

Let’s go
Blinkers and lights dark front left
Blinkers and lights dark side
Blinkers dark front left
Blinkers dark rear left
Blinkers dark side
Blinkers day front left
Blinkers in flashlight side
Blinkers rear left dark
Chain detail
Cockpit with blinker switch, computer, and horn
Electronics shelf
Hello, cool
Made in USA
Rear brake
Rear tire
Tail without cover

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