Accessories: Shockster rear suspension

Bolt-on rear suspension is now available for most LIGHTNING models. The suspension unit is a Shockster, built in the USA by Bike Control with special light weight springs for Lightning recumbents.

Custom rear stays included with the suspension unit allow it to be easily bolted onto 2000 and up model Thunderbolts and Phantoms. Note: DO NOT MOUNT A SHOCKSTER WITHOUT THESE CUSTOM STAYS, as the frame might fail. The Shockster and Lightning warranties are valid only with the custom rear stays.

Also, with dropout modifications, the unit can be fitted to Thunderbolt, Stealth models built before 2000, and to P-38 models built after 1990. If the unit is fitted to a P-38, Paul Motolite 700C rear brakes or a 26″ rear wheel is needed.

The suspension features 3 inches of travel, and brackets are available for installing a rear rack.

Finally, because of the vertical suspension travel, there is no biopacing, meaning no pedaling energy is lost due to suspension compression.

Weight: 3 pounds