What customers say about Lightning Carbon Cranks …

The Lightning shifting was actually better (with Stronglight Zephyr rings, 50/36 and Red FD) than it was on my Campag Ultra torque non-compact set-up: shifting between rings was a little quicker and I never dropped the chain off the inside, which happened very occasionally with the Campag.

Graham B.

When I spend a good deal of money on something, my philosophy is that I had better see and feel a difference right away. That’s exactly what happened with the cranks. Straight away I knew they were so much more efficient and faster. The first ride was a 30 mile out-and-back ride. I know all the time checks at the various points and know my best times there. At the 20 minute mark I was 1 minute faster. At the 30 minute mark I was 90 seconds faster. At the 15 mile turnaround point I was 3 minutes faster!

I averaged 19 mph at the end and I think my best average before was 18.3. All this without trying to hammer and go faster. I guess the efficiency and weight savings did it all. So far I have done 3 rides and am amazed each time I ride it. It feels like I have a continuous tail wind. One of the Cat 3 dudes tried to shake me off his wheel twice going to the finale and he couldn’t drop me. I was holding on without too much effort. Just amazing! My hat’s off to Lightning. Thanks.


Thanks Tim for getting the carbon cranks to me in time to use them on this ride. They are sweet.

Sue Yocom via Facebook
Photo courtesy Urban Bikes, Singapore
Photo courtesy Urban Bikes, Singapore