Lightning F-90: #1 recumbent at PBP 1999

Paris-Brest-Paris is one of the longest and longest-running bicycle events in the world — a 750 mile non-stop race running from Paris to Brest on the Normandy coast and back to Paris. Several riders competed on Lightning bikes, including ex-RAAM champion Bob Fourney and World HPV Racing Champ Andreas Weigel on full faired F-90s. Bob finished in an amazing 47 hours! Not only did Bob finish in 47 hours, he came in 14th place overall (of 3,800 riders, behind guys who rode in a large group most of the way), and was 20 hours ahead of the second place recumbent!

Lightning F-90 at 1999 Paris-Brest-Paris event

For more information on the Paris-Brest-Paris ride, see the RUSA website.