Lightning riders

Alexander Hatziyannis

P-38 to F-40 transformation!

My F-40 next to my mom’s Toyota Camry Hybrid. You can see here that the F-40 is perfect hight to ride with cars in traffic, unlike other velomobiles, which are very low.


“Just got in from a great hilly shop ride with the A group. I took my share of pulls and wasn’t the last one up the Cat 4 climb. I’m amazed at how well this recumbent mixes in with upright bikes, despite weighing 10 pounds more and 20 years older!

Thought I’d share, you made a hell of a bike Tim.

red bike

Thought I’d send you a funny pic I took yesterday after my ride. Even cold New Hampshire winters can’t stop me from enjoying my 1997 P-38. I can’t wait to turn this bike into an F-40.

This ride was 17°F with a 7 mph wind (13°F real feel). Pretty much my limit until I get an F-40.

I plan to start racing this year. I found a few Time Trials near me that have recumbent faired / unfaired categories. Also set a 5,000 mile goal for the year so can’t get a little cold get in my way.


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