Lightning riders

Gary Bernstein

The build




BOOM, BABY!! I have been too busy riding the heck out of this to even take more than this picture! It’s just as awesome as I remember my last one being, even better! The dual discs are unbelievable. As soon as I get around to getting the fairing installed I will take more pictures/video. I am still getting re-aquainted with it and hammering away! Thank goodness the weather here in the Garden State is changing for the better!


A Lightning F-40 rides with the pros in NJ

I did a hardcore training ride with the professional cyclists from Team Jamis on Friday evening here in Morristown, NJ. The team came in from California to do a training ride/meet-and-greet with my racing team (Team Marty’s of Morristown, NJ). Marty’s is one of the top 50 bike shops in the USA and has a very prestigious racing team of which I and my Lightning F-40 are active members! I tore it up with over 100 cyclists including the pros from Team Jamis. I have the tail section and spandex off my F-40 for the summer but have the nosecone, windscreen, aero spoke front wheel, and rear disc cover on my bike. I purposely stayed at the end of the pace line do as not to cause an accident but near the end of the ride, when everyone was spreading out from fatigue, I ran up to the front and ride with this nice fellow, Ben Jacques-Maynes! He loved my F-40 and said (and I quote), ‘I’m jealous!’ when I explained how comfy and fast it is! He was gracious enough to sign a jersey and a helmet for me! — Gary Bernstein

Gary Bernstein rides with Team Jamis

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