Lightning riders

Gary Souza

Gary Souza rode a modified Lightning P-38 to take third place in the Open Category in Eppie’s, a major northern California regional triathlon event held in late July.

Here’s a photo taken at Eppie’s Great Race a few years ago, before they banned recumbents. Eric Warp came in 5th out of 700 riders, and Gary Souza (center) and Brad Tedeschi came in 6th and 7th.

Text and photo by Eric Warp

Here, Gary (who rode the cycling leg) and Phil (kayak pilot) with their trophies. Gary passed pacelines of roadies (about 100 riders) like they were standing still for the entire 12.5 miles of the cycling portion of the triathlon, keeping a steady speed of about 30mph.

Warp Drive
Text and photo by Eric Warp

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