Lightning riders

Greg Raven

Great engineering, great team, great product. Plus, you get to ask other cyclists how many times their bike has won the Race Across America (RAAM)?

Phantom II

Greg Raven’s new Lightning Phantom II w/custom shocks, and Carbon Cranks made by Lightning. Pure awesomeness!

the build
The build
The delivery
Solvang Half Century

Read his review of the Lightning Phantom II here.

30th Anniversary P-38

Lightning P-38
See a lot more photos here.


This may be Greg DuVall’s old bike, but the seller didn’t know. It has seen a lot of miles, but I picked it up for just over $600 from a guy in San Diego who was too short for it. Always wanted an F-40, and now I have one.


For a forum for questions and sharing ideas, visit the P-38 page on Facebook.