Lightning riders

Hank Holz and Brigitte Goulet

P-38 owners Hank Holz and Brigitte Goulet write:

We are happy with our bikes.

With custom paint and 16-speed internal Rolhoff hubs it’s easy to see why.

Brigitte Goulet, Hank Holz

I wish I would have known how comfortable cycling could have been 20 years and 50,000 miles ago. Amazing comfort day after day! I ordered a P-38 with a Rohloff internal gear hub. The Rohloff hub is well worth the extra cost. You can put the bike in any gear while sitting still and the change from gear to gear is a nice even 13.5%. I like to ride in hilly areas and do loaded touring. I’ve climbed some hills with 20% grades on it. Tim and everyone else at Lightning has been a pleasure to do business with. I have 1,500 miles on the P-38 already and I’m still amazed every time I ride it!

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