Lightning riders

Mark Snovell

Dear Lightning crew,

I thought I’d share a few photos of a single speed I built over from Budnitz. I ripped all their sales components off and since I liked the frame design kept it, but it rode too rickety, and loose. All their titanium parts looks nice but, well, if I wanted a great single speed to tool around the little town, I’d have do it right myself.

Anyway, Easton EC90 SL (Enve just had too many logo spread on everything) stem, post, bar; Wound Up fork, Whisky Carbon hoops and cages; with Challenge Strada Bianca 30, Fi’Zi:k Gobi Carbon rail saddle; Formula R1 Hydraulic discs and the best for last, Lightning Crank arms hooked on a Gates belt

Now it’s a nice towny.


I retired early from a company in Santa Monica and after 35 years in SoCal I moved to this little town. Believe it or not we have a few pro riders here. The wind is our hill.

I normally ride a Madone Vapor coat SSL 7-series.

Anyway thanks for the cranks. I ordered them from through Race Pace and their mechanic (no logos).

It took a while to get this bike to work right, and the crank alone with the fork makes it slide right.

Not as nice as the Madone, but a good beer getter.

Kind regards,

Mark Snovell
Saint Michaels, MD

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