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Martin Krieg

People ask me all the time what the best value for the recumbent buck is. I suggest the Lightning Phantom. It can tour. It can run errands. And it can go very very fast. It is the Taiwanese version of the Lightning P-38 I have been speeding around on here in Davis. Here is the very good review of the bike that Bryan Ball of ’BentRider Online did of this respected machine.

Eric Warp and I rode to Winters today, on our Lightning Cycle Dynamics P-38s, where we got Wild Bill Marlin of early mountain bike racing fame to take a picture of the two of us riding in front of Steady Eddy’s Coffee House.


The small city of Davis, CA, just got a whole lot smaller today! Before the high 90 degree heat that is promised for today, sets in, I took the Lightning Cycle Dynamics P-38 for a ride to nearby Dixon. I got happily lost and ended up a few miles from Winters instead. And man has Timothy R. Brummer created a true rocket machine! I ended up doing 35 miles in less than two hours time. And that includes stopping to take pictures and also asking people for directions. And, still learning the bike, I am not pushing any where as hard as I needed to while on the Via LWB to go probably 30% slower.

Martin Krieg’s Lightning P-38

Unlike The Eagle Bicycle where everyone who sees me on it passes me, on the P-38 I easily passed everyone I saw ahead of me. And there was a fair number of people riding today. I am not posting this to bait testosterone-charged cyclists to have a go with me. I am only trying show that as one who has lived by the mantra that its not about the machine but about the man who is riding it, I think in the case of the P-38, it is making this man one helluva lot faster!! WoW!!

THX 4 all of U!!

On my blazing fast ride back from Winters on the Lightning P-38, I rode the path some of the way as it was dusk. I stopped for a picture of both myself and this little girl playing some kind of sleep on the bike path game with her friend (behind the camera) … (via Facebook)


I rode from Davis to Winters, CA, today in 20 minutes on the Lightning Cycle Dynamics P-38! From the edge of Davis, where I started keeping track, I get a distance of ten miles. While I was hammering and doing some experimental stuff with my breath, that just does not seem at all possible. 30 mph? I don’t think so. I can believe 24 or 25 mph, but 30? Hmm … (via Facebook)
20160523 Martin Krieg
10th American River Pkwy National Bicycle Greenway Mayors’ Ride
Ran into Eric Warp on my way back from Winters, 17 miles away, a few hours ago. Eric, new to Davis, California, has been away from his Lightning Cycle Dynamics P-38 for a few years. But as he gets his fitness back, I look forward to being able to share with you the fast rides he and I will probably be doing together!!

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