Ray Boyer

Ray Boyer here. Well, the new 20 inch front fork and wheel are first rate and we did a 200 mile ride around Lake Ponchartrain last week. Well, almost around. We had to skip the last 50 miles to get back to the airport. While the rest of the nation froze, we rode in shirtsleeved splendor.

Here is a picture of the three P-38s on the tour. There were five of us. I didn’t want to bore you with a picure of the two non-Lightning rides.


I’m on the right. Sonia and Aaron Cohen are on the left. We are good friends in Evanston, IL. Aaron is the recumbent enthusiast who got the rest of us motivated to do the same.

The picture was taken at a swamp tour place on the Pearl River east of New Orleans. Yes, we did a few days of Mardi Gras parades as well.

Thank you for helping get my bike ready. It was flawless. Next up is Chicago to Cape May, NJ.

(By the way, my nominee for the Adventure Cycling Association’s Trail Angel award was the winner. Check out the story about David and Patti Bruner of Ryegate, MT. Your fine bike was part of that story as well.)

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