Lightning riders

Scott McCullough

My first ride

Love it.

Took my Lightning Phantom on the river trail and did 19 miles in 1:15. Cruising speed was about 16-17 mph. Pushed it to over 21 mph with not a lot of effort. On my Trek I average about 12-14 mph and I can’t go longer than an hour without my wrists hurting.

Hindsite I should have got the rear suspension. The front soaks up all the bumps on the trails (had a lot of rain here so some parts have ruts). Need to put on the fenders still as my legs got a lot of blow back from the front tire.

Wife laughed. Both boys liked the comfort but were a bit unsteady on it and gave up. Went up and down the driveway using all the info from your site and forums on how to leverage your back and not pull on the handle bars. Worked great. Quads and upper hamstrings feel different and I’m sure will get accustomed to the new position. It’s very smooth and I’m seeing things on the trail last night that I never noticed. Again, reading forums this is pretty common, but it’s one thing reading about it and then another thing experiencing it. I had my riding gloves on, but they were not needed as my wrists were very comfortable. Rode a lot of the miles with just a single arm and the other arm resting on my legs. Why on earth did I wait this long?

Looking forward to the R-84 hoping next year : ) This speed and comfort thing is addicting. The wife can have the Phantom.

Thanks again.

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