Lightning riders

Timothy Chance

From a Lightning Voyager rider in Scotland:

“No photos of me, but here is my P-38 standing next to the 4,500-year-old recumbent stone circle that overlooks my house.

I want to add how enjoyable the bike has been — it still puts a surprise grin on my face when I hit a patch of smooth tarmac. I’m still overtaking my chums both up and down most hills, and it’s only when it gets really steep that they can get their revenge.

Timothy Chance’s Lightning P-38 Voyager at Loanhead

#65 out of 131 in a recent Regent-of-the-Mountain climb that included slopes of 20%. With some inexpert manipulation of statistics, is that not proof (sic) that the P-38 is a better climber than most diamond frames?

Timothy Chance climbing like crazy aboard his Lightning P-38 Voyager
Why it’s important to fit a rearview mirror; for the spectacular view, I mean (not because it’s the only sight that you’ll have of the DF you’ve passed).

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