Lightning Stealth

Note: The current version of the Lightning Stealth is the Lightning Phantom.

Lightning Stealth girl

Fun and High Performance!

Experience recumbent bicycle comfort, fun, safety and outstanding performance with the Lightning Stealth! The Stealth combines the record-breaking design geometry and seat of the legendary P-38 with a strong chromoly monotube construction for the fastest recumbent in its class.

The Stealth was designed by experienced engineers using data gained from two decades of top level HPV racing around the world, 20 world records, and feedback from hundreds of Lightning owners. No other recumbent bicycle company has this level of technical expertise and real world experience.

Lightning engineers have designed into the Stealth a very comfortable ride, superb stopping and handling characteristics, a high cruising speed, and exceptional durability. The overall performance of the Stealth surpasses all other comparably priced bicycles, and many costing hundreds of dollars more.

Lightning Stealth

High-performance and convenience accessories such as a custom-designed fairing, seat bags, panniers, and many other accessories are available for the Stealth.

The Stealth is great for any recreational, touring, or commuting cyclist who wants a fun to ride, high performance, and very comfortable bike. It’s perfect for short or long trips, and can race with the best of them. Perhaps the best all-around recumbent on the market, the Stealth may be just what you’re looking for!

I’m still riding my ’98 Stealth, 17 years later. Best bike I ever had!

Carter Holder via Facebook

Lightning’s Cyber Test Rides: See our collection of video clips showing Lightning bikes in action.

  • Design inspired by the world-record Lightning Recumbents!
  • Frame and fork 100% Chromoly
  • 44″ wheelbase for unsurpassed handling, ride comfort and braking performance
  • 26″ rear wheel for a big gearing advantage over smaller wheels
  • Oversize stem with option of V or drop handlebars
  • Shoulder-high ergofit seat, with large mesh bottom, for maximum power and comfort, available in three sizes for a perfect fit
  • Both seat and cranks adjust, which maintains the optimum weight distribution for riders 4′10″ to 6′8″!
  • Low seat height for less wind resistance, ‘idiot-proof’ braking, increased power and an exhilarating ride

Highly maneuverable, gosh-darn fast, and unbelievably fun!Mens Journal